It’s Ok If You Don’t Want a Lot of Friends

I remember scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds, as one does, and being bombarded with pictures of groups of friends and captions about various social gatherings. Honestly, my first reaction was always jealousy of these women for having so many friends to hang out with. That must be nice. I wish I had that… Continue reading It’s Ok If You Don’t Want a Lot of Friends

Here’s Why Losing a Loved One to Alzheimer’s Is so Hard

Do you ever stop to think about when was the last time your loved one did something? When was the last time you took your mom out to lunch or to go shopping? When was the last time your dad came over your house to fix something? When was the last time your wife cooked… Continue reading Here’s Why Losing a Loved One to Alzheimer’s Is so Hard

Some Women Just Don’t Want Kids

One of the most annoying things about being a woman who doesn’t have children is that everyone is constantly asking you if/when you’re going to have children. I’m 34 years old and I’ve been married to my husband for almost eight years. We don’t have any kids and we don’t want any kids. Every time… Continue reading Some Women Just Don’t Want Kids

Mother’s Day for the Motherless

When I was about eight or nine years old, I saw a Mother’s Day ad for Boscov’s that claimed you could buy your mom a beautiful gold locket for just $0.99. Holy crap! Just $0.99?! I immediately decided that I wanted to get my mom that locket for Mother’s Day. I was so excited to… Continue reading Mother’s Day for the Motherless

Let’s Be Real About Celebrating Other People’s Success

People are always talking about supporting one another and celebrating other people’s success, but let’s be real. I’m not always happy and excited to see another person succeeding. I don’t want to celebrate their accomplishment because it’s not mine. There, I said it. Truthfully, seeing another writer get a publishing deal or have something go… Continue reading Let’s Be Real About Celebrating Other People’s Success

Your Life Doesn’t Have to Follow a Certain Timeline

I have been a straight-A student my whole life. I spent a lot of time doing homework and studying, but honestly, school just came naturally to me. I graduated high school third or fifth in my class and went onto college with plans of attending law school. I was hell-bent on becoming a lawyer one… Continue reading Your Life Doesn’t Have to Follow a Certain Timeline

Why Aren’t We Ever Good Enough?

Last weekend, I ran a PR (personal record) in the 10k. I beat my previous best time, which was from 2013, by just over three minutes. I also placed third in my age group, which I definitely wasn’t expecting. After seeing my results, I was really happy and proud of myself. I had a near… Continue reading Why Aren’t We Ever Good Enough?

I Don’t Have a Tribe

I always see other women posting on social media about their tribes and it makes me wonder why I don’t have one. I have friends, sure, but I don’t have a tribe. I don’t have a group of other women rallying around me in support, good times and bad. I don’t have a ride or… Continue reading I Don’t Have a Tribe

Let’s Be Real About Facebook Arguments

Ok, let’s be real about Facebook arguments. People all over the world are spending a significant amount of their time arguing with strangers on the internet. Why? What is the point in that? Facebook arguments tend to go a little something like this:   Person 1: “Hey! Does anyone know what time the event starts?”… Continue reading Let’s Be Real About Facebook Arguments

I’m Sorry That My Grief Makes You Uncomfortable

I’ll never forget the first time my mom looked at me and didn’t know who I was. The mall was ridiculously crowded that day, the way it usually is around Christmas time. We navigated our way through the food court and my mom saved us a table in front of Saladworks. I could see her… Continue reading I’m Sorry That My Grief Makes You Uncomfortable